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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  December 4, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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tonight... and when we'll th . it's a cool down and it's just starting, the chilliest bay area spot tonight. >> holding out hope, to growing search for a missing san jose family. the latest bart problem that sense passengers to the hospital. >> jacket weather tonight and you will need more layers. >> well below freezing. we have a freeze warning for the bay area for tonight as well as tomorrow night for the entire bay area with one exception, san francisco. even for the city we'll be below freezing, a hard freeze for many. here are the current temperature. pet aluma and vaca -- peta
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luma. these are the overnight lows. low to mid-twice for santa rosa, liver more 25, san jose 29 and below freezing for fremont, mountain view and redwood city. it will be colder tomorrow morning and the air is coming from the attack. it is a pipeline keeping the cold air coming. we know we're under a free warning. joe, you are telling me that not everyone can agree this is cold? >> right. comfort 11s vary. i have my four layers on, i don't like the cold. you can see here the bank sign says 36 degrees, it will plunge another 10 plus degrees. people in santa rosa prepare for this but they don't agree on how comfortable it.
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>> i'm always cold whether it's summer or winter. >> when it's freezing. >> i'm shaking. >> not so cold, i'm jumping up and down. not as wet and rainy but we have the cold. >> serious coat for our winter cold. i want it to snow. >> your teeth are chattering. >> it's freezing out here. >> he's wearing shorts. what's going on. i'm always warm. tomorrow morning do you wear shorts. >> yes. tomorrow morning in the 20s. >> i'm inside most of the day. it's no big deal. >> so we're approaching freezing, we're talking about mid-20's by the time the sun comes up in the morning. prepare how you will, i'm going to keep my layers, you wear your shorts, do what you have to do. we're hearing for people searching for a san jose family
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missing in the idaho wilderness. they took off in a plane on sunday and never made it to the final destination. the searchers are hopeful it's not too late. we haven't found them yet. from what i understand it's really steep mountain side, dense forest. it's kind of a needle in a haystack. brad norton and his family arrived to help other family members on the hunt for the downed beechcraft. they have been missing. >> there's a lot of family members and support and probably another six, seven of us that will go up tomorrow to help out. one rescuer has been searching all day with the brother of the pilot that's missing. >> the family wants to stay positive.
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they are hopeful, but it's been three days now, it's tough. monday aircraft searching the area thought they found a signal from the plane's locator transmitter box, now they think it was a false signal. >> today they are not getting it. we haven't ruled out that it's not an elt. but we're looking at other options may have been a false signal. >> the last 24 hours have had fine weather. planes were able to stay up most of the day searching for the missing plane. they focused third search south of cascade. we have cell phone pings up to a certain point and be the radar information from salt lake city up to a certain point where he disappeared. >> a toughcation with the elements and tough terrain. a lot of planes and helicopter and grounds people working to help find our loved ones.
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>> that's eric gonzalez reporting. 60 people are searching on the ground. two members of smith's church in san jose left today to help out. a man is being held on $5 million bail tonight. 21-year-old ronnie colins seen her is charged with one count of murder and two counts of attempted robbery. prosecutors believe he shot a man in broad daylight after they arranged to sell him a console. investigators are able to find colins because he used his real name and photo. the suspect in the tsa targeted shooting rampage made his first court appearance today. you can see paul ciancia has quite a bit of bruising when
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authorities shot him and took him into custody. he's due back in court later this month. caught on camera. a suspect rumaging through a home in fremont of the he breaks into the house on saturday, stole about $2,000 worth of the family's property. not one, but two home security cameras catch him in the act. police are hoping that someone will recognize this guy and give them a call. >> what's great about video surveillance, the likelihood of us solving the crime is increased because of the images, we put out a lot of video and get a lot of tips. >> people are especially vulnerable to burglars this time of the year and recommending closing your windows and blinds to make it difficult to see inside the
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home. take a close look at this next video, police want to know if you recognize this woman. hard to see there. a man dragged her away from a bus stop in milpitas last night. if you recognize them police want to hear from you and make sure the woman is all right. a police officer badge is missing. someone stole it from the officers person qalat allen -- car attall enrock park. it's important to get the badge back. tonight bart is recovering from another delay in service. a couple hours ago equipment problems stalled riderness the france bay tube. and a disabled -- riders in the
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trance bay tube. >> a scary sight in a bart car, passengers helping this woman who appeared unconscious, a rider took the video after the train they were in got stuck in the berkeley hills tunnel. >> we sat and didn't hear anything for 40 minutes. >> there's not much you can do. >> the riders say they were so scared they don't plan to take bart soon. the agency has been dealing with major issues this year. 2 strikes, two worker fatalities a lawsuit and multiple 30s caused by fires -- delays caused if i fires. it's been a rough year, the best thing we can do is work together, have a renewed focus. >> bart says many of the problems is caused by the aging
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fleet. this morning incident was another black eye for bart. a short in the train caused the computer system to activate the parking brake. the brakes smoke, because of where the ventilation is on the train it enters the train. >> you smell the burning electrical and then see the smoke. >> after being stuck in the tunnel for an hour the train operator released the brake and drove it to the station. a lot of passengers were relieved to be off. this is the woman you saw in the video. firefighters say she and others will be ouch -- okay. it will bart's reputation that will take longer to recover. >> hundreds more were stranded on the other side of the him. they had to get off and clear out of the station while bart
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figured out what to do. some formed makeshift carpools. most just had to wait it out. >> is the thieves in mexico may have gotten more than they bargained for when they stole a truck with dangerous radioactive material. the container of cobalt 60 had been opened potentially exposing the thieves to dangerous levels of radiation. the thieves pulled apart the casing to possibly sell the iron. it was used for medical purposes but can be used to make a bomb. how much fans are willing to shell out to say good-bye to the stick. moving into a new house without a morning to worry about. bundling up, how farmers are protecting their crops as the temperature head down. ,,,, a subaru...
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...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand.
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but fans are feeling a bit nostalgic about the big goo. andria borba tells us: the'e for the 49ers the end can't come soon enough, candlestick
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park. fabs are feeling more nostalgic. they are shelling out big bucks for a ticket to history. >> want to say good-bye to candlestick park for one last 49er game. tickets for sunday's game versus the seahawks are going for thousands on craigslist. robert sold his, face value 129 bucks, sale price. 659 each. they sold in 45 minutes. >> i had no intention of selling them. if i put them up for a ridiculous price, somebody might. >> the old stadium on wind whipped candlestick point was reviled by fans. it was the house that that giants built and montana and the 49ers resurrected.
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in the end zone. the home of so much san francisco pride and agony. >> defeat by the new york giants in the championship game. roger craig fumbled. >> remembered with longing, the chance to be home to your memories one more time for a price. >> now, the face value of the same 129 tickets will be $350 a piece at the new stadium in santa clara. a lot of memories. there won't be love for the stick after the season ends. it will be imploded. a sacramento area couple is defining the one in a million odds, they welcomed identical trip let's. -- trip let's. they are 10 days old and weigh
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3-pounds. the parents are looking for ways to tell them apart. they aren't planning on having any more babies anytime soon. >> this is more than we bargained for. we're good. >> the couple says multiplies don't run in their families and they didn't use fertility treatments. a new house, mortgage free, a central valley veteran that's proven he's on the nice list. >> wow. for marine veteran this home is more than an upgrade from the apartment he shares with his fiancee. it's a fresh start. >> ryan spent a decade in the military and served two tours in iraq. he had several surgeries and
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has a brain injury. i felt i was going to die a few times. when i started linking up with the veteran groups i found my area that i liked and started helping one vet after another. he dedicated his life to giving back to veterans in need and is studying to be a counselor. you see gees getting out and they are hurting. >> ryan's generosity is part of the reason operation home front selected him for the mortgage free home. >> here you go. wells fargo donated the bank owned house. ryan and his financee have strong ties to the central valley. >> i don't know what to say, it's breathtaking. i never would have thought this could have happened. >> the family hope to be
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settled into the new home in time for christmas. kids are not the only ones that get to sit on santa's lap. furry friends took their seat. the photo op cost $10. the money goes towards homeless animal programs. if you missed today. santa will be back on saturday. the obama's new dog got excited at the white house christmas event. right behind mrs. obama a little girl was knocked over when the girl jumped up. the first lady got down to make sure the girl was okay. there were no tears and the little girl pet sunny. a cold front is creating concerns for farmers in gilroy, crews worked to protect thousands of the trees, pulled
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the cover over rose of small trees. as for the bigger trees farmers are hoping they are strong enough to make it through. the big trees they don't get damaged as easy as the tiny one, but the small ones we have to protect them. >> bay area nurse reese have sold out of frost protection products for gardners. >> you have crops. >> i have lime trees, summertime. i got them covered up. i built enclosures around them and electric blanketed and people in there with warming things. a guy with a fire going and the whole thing. >> you can buy them for 39- cents apiece. >> it's more fun to do it at home. protect your pets. these are the current
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temperature. vacaville down to 27. peta looma 26. napa, how about at the airport in napa. salt lake city is 14. it is really cold in other spots. this is what you wake up. continue cort 27. fremont 29 high pressure off to our west is bringing down the cold arctic air. what will change is not the cold. that's here. an area of low pressure slide down the west coast. not much in the way of showers, we have the cool air, the level
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could drop down to 1500 feet. at least a dusting of snow on the higher peaks. tonight colder, the chill continues tomorrow. not as cold on friday, we'll get cloudy ahead of the rain shower activity. livermore 48. san francisco 49. santa clara 50. fremont 50. 48 for mill valley. rain moves in on friday evening, not going to amount to much. snow in the higher elevations. chilly on sunday. by this day next week, we'll make it back up to 60 degrees. a nice weeklong cold snap for us. >> 'tis the season, let's be jolly about it. >> you've heard of smart phones. but a smart bra, how this new
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damage set supposed to help you keep your girlish figure. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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now microsoft wa elp us ladies -- stop while we're ahead. high-tech the stress of the holiday season can lead to overeating. microsoft wants to help us stop while we're ahead. working on a high-tech bra that has censors that detects stress. it sends a alert to your part phone that says you're not
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hungry. there's only so much battery life in the trial they only lasted four hours. >> that's great for women, what will it do for ken. jim harbaugh with a rare admission. the nfl brings the hammer down on a coach. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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harbaugh admit's its not "just" another game. . the seahawks have the best record in the nfl, they are coming to town on sunday, even jim harbaugh admits it's not just another game. >> it does not fire up the fans what does. suppose abraham lincoln riding across the field with a frock
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and top hat riding a horse and waving the american flag. i doubt that would fire them up if this game doesn't fire them up. >> colin kaepernick has given the fans plenty to be fired up about. nothing has change with the lack of interest in his weekly press conference. >> do you not like this, you are so guarded it seems. >> i signed a contract to play football, the media is an obligation to do. >> and on that one. all right. >> nfl finded mike tomlin $100,000 for stepping on the field during a kick return by jacobi jones, mitt pittsburgh may always have to forfeit a draft pick. $100,000 is a lot of money. a draft pick could be worse.
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